About Izza

The law of resonance ... living the life in each wave, up and down.

With 7 years of dedicated experience in the world of traveling and with 5 years of experience in the world of wellbeing, Izza wants to share her mission, experience and expertise  travel-wellbeing community. 


Izza's Journey:

When the ocean calls, forever SALTY SOUL.

A lifelong enthusiast of movement, relaxation and surfing, she embarked her journey of wellbeing and vitality management in 2017. Later, she journeyed to different countries, seeking a place where she could feel at home, surrounded by purity and simplicity. Her travel journey led her to Moroco, Taghazout. 


Professional Accomplishments

During her career, Izza has attained remarkable success across various wellbeing sectors, including bodywork, breathwork, and lifestyle coaching. Her experiences with both herself and others have made her classes unique and personalized.


As a Wellbeing Coach:

With her you will explore a global adventure in diverse wellness practices that focussed on the human body in combination with surfing. It involves creating space withing in the body through gentle and effective activities like, stretches, savasana bliss, breathwork and such more!

Her mission is to support individuals from life's hectic pace, promoting a sense of balance and presence in the moment together with the ocean.

About Yassine Jmiji:

With 19 years of dedicated experience in the world of surfing, Yassine Jmiji stands as a beacon of passion and expertise in the surfing community. As a professional surfer and one of the best coaches in the field, Yassine brings a wealth of knowledge, skill, and enthusiasm to every wave.


Yassine's Journey:

Yassine's journey in surfing began at a young age, captivated by the rhythm of the ocean and the thrill of riding the waves. Over the years, he honed his craft through countless hours spent on the water, mastering the art of surfing and cultivating a deep connection with the ocean.


Professional Accomplishments:

Throughout his career, Yassine has achieved remarkable success both as a competitor and a coach. His unwavering dedication and unmatched talent have earned him recognition as one of the leading figures in the surfing world. he is also sponsored by the famous surfbrand OCEAN EARTH, SURFCLOUD


As a surfCoach:

Yassine's passion for surfing extends beyond his own achievements; he is equally committed to sharing his expertise with others. As one of the best coaches in the industry, Yassine brings a unique blend of technical insight, personalized guidance, and infectious enthusiasm to his coaching sessions, inspiring surfers of all levels to reach their full potential.